Fences Aren’t Made For Straddling

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My mother and I used to have this ongoing joke: I’d call her up, tell her about a decision I had to make, and then I’d come to a conclusion. Then, a few days later, I’d have the same conversation with her and advocate for the other option, and decide to go that way. And I used flop back and forth a few times before I finally came to my final decision. And then I’d call her and moan because I didn’t know if I’d made the right decision.

Poor Mama. She never complained or lost patience with me when I did this. I guess she just saw the pattern before it developed and braced herself not to get annoyed with me. And when I sounded so convincing (maybe I only sounded that way to myself), she’d just agree and give whatever input I asked for. This went on throughout high school and most of college, until she made a casual remark to me one day. I was babbling on and on about the difficulty of making a decision when she said, “just decide”. That was it. That’s all she said but it became crystal clear to me that it could be that easy.

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What’s The Story In Your Head?

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I was so inspired this morning to read Marelisa’s most recent post over at her Abundance blog. Marelisa tells the story of Roz Savage, a woman who seemingly had it all but left a charmed life to create a life of adventure. Roz completed an extreme rowing challenge, coming in last in the 2005 Atlantic Rowing Challenge [the same year as Hurricane Katrina, a record year for tropical storms in the Atlantic]. Now if that sounds like a failure to you, don’t take it that way at all – Roz rowed for 103 days and faced many challenges alone at sea. How many of us can say we faced our fears, jumped in head first, and completed the enormous task that we set out to meet?

Roz’s story really inspired me for a few reasons: she is attempting to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean [starting in San Francisco and ending in Australia, she will have rowed over 8,000 miles cumulatively, made over 3 million oar strokes, and spent over 312 days alone at sea on a 23 ft. rowboat]; she left an idyllic, seeming perfect life and followed her heart to live an extraordinary life; but mostly because she changed the story in her head from one of limitation to one of empowerment.

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Your Best Vision Board Ever

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I just love these things. I won’t stop talking about vision boards. They just make me feel so good!

In this first video, you’ll see how I created my latest one. I blogged about how to create your mission statement for your board in this post. And let me tell you, it was so great to see my great new board when I woke up this morning!

This second video is about things to keep in mind when incorporating your vision board into your law of attraction habits. When I look at other people’s vision videos on Youtube, I always wonder if the mansions, cars and vacation pics that are used really help the person focus on their goals. I also wonder how many people are successful in manifesting those things, because they’re not very targeted to a specific goal (or at least don’t seem to be in my point of view, I could always be wrong). For more on focusing on specific goals, read this post that I wrote a while back.

Recognize Who You Really Are

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This morning, I listened to a few minutes of the Tom Joyner Morning Show on my way to work. Holly Robinson Peete was a guest on the show, and Tom and his crew asked her questions about her experience on Celebrity Apprentice. They congratulated her on winning a particular challenge, as she not only won but set a record on the show for raising the most funds. She then commented on receiving a cold reception from the other contestants at the beginning of the show, because they did not really know what qualified her to be there. She also joked about being called a b*tch so many times that she probably set the record for that too.

Apparently, Holly has a reputation for being a fundraiser, and it seems that that reputation didn’t precede her onto the show. That conversation sparked thoughts in my own mind about how often we’re underestimated in life because people don’t know who we really are.

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6 Reasons Why You Are Extraordinary

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  1. When you were created, there wasn’t a mold for you. You were created uniquely and do not have a replica in the entire world.

  2. Even though we live in a cookie-cutter society, the being that you are cannot fit into the box that conformity requires of you.You hear the call of your spirit as it struggles to break free of its external constraints.

  3. From the moment you took your first breath, you were equipped with talents, abilities and interests that no one else has. You are extraordinary because no one else can utilize these tools in the way that you can, while getting as much joy from the usage as you can.

  4. You’re committed to improving yourself, striving for success, and living your best life possible.

  5. You realize that all-that-you-are is not composed solely of your physical body. You connect to your spirit, strengthen and monitor your mind and care for your vessel that holds it all together. You seek balanced harmony.

  6. You know that you’re in control of your destiny, and every day you actively shape the course of your life.

Did I just describe you? Did I leave something out? What are the other reasons why you’re extraordinary?

Are You Still Going Hard?

My intention for this week was to video blog every day…yeah um… didn’t quite make it. Here are videos of Day 2 and Day 4. Let me know where you are with your Go Hard goal, and how you’d like to finish out your week. I’m rooting for you and hope you’re rooting for me too!

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Motivated Sista Circle

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Introducing: Motivated Sista Circle

One of the reasons I became a motivation/personal development blogger was that I am constantly surrounded by dynamic, inspiring women. Some of those women don’t see how amazing they are (and I hope you realize your own value when I write); some of them have also taken their knowledge to the internet to teach others how to live their best lives, as I have.

I’ve assembled a circle of fabulous, motivated sistas to continue to inspire our readers to strive for success. I’ve dubbed this inspiration roundtable as the Motivated Sista Circle. Once a month, we’ll post our thoughts on an intriguing question, and hope that our collective voices will motivate you to continue to reach your goals.

May’s Motivated Sista Circle

Our question for May: how do you define success?

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