5 Small Words That Cause Big Failure

August 23, 2011 by  
Filed under personal development

I’m in the dreams business. I talk dreams, help people walk their dreams, and I eat motivation and enthusiasm for breakfast.

After about 2 years of writing my blog, I see that people can get derailed on something that is seemingly small to me. I realize I can keep going when others get stuck, and the converse is the same based on the situation. Things that may not cause you trouble may derail me. A few things though come with having to defend your dreams to others and not arming yourself against the doubts in their mind – and the doubts in your own mind.

Doubt and fear are like weeds. Once the seed of a negative thought is planted, it takes alot of work to uproot the problem. A casual doubt word said by the right person can do major damage to your emotions and cause you to lose time. Once you recognize certain patterns then you can avoid letting these small thoughts turn into a big problem for you later.

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