Are you one of ‘those’ people?

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Have you heard of the show Downton Abbey?

The show is about a British aristocratic family and their servants, set in the days before World War I. (**The rest of this paragraph is a spoiler**) The youngest daughter, Sybil, is helping Gwen, one of the young housemaids, to find a job as a secretary. After Gwen didn’t get the first job she interviewed for she wanted to give up, but Sybil kept pushing her to keep trying.

In one scene, Gwen says “you don’t get it. You’re all brought up to think it’s all within your grasp, that if you want something enough it will come to you. But we’re not like that. We don’t think our dreams are bound to come true because they almost never do.”

Sybil replied, “then that’s why we must stick together. Your dream is my dream now. I’ll make it come true.”

This scene is one that has motivated me my entire life.

I always asked myself, “why do some people live their dreams, and others don’t?” At first I thought like Gwen did, that certain people made their dreams happen while ‘the rest of us’ didn’t. But as I learned about famous people, CEOs, business leaders and others who live extraordinary lives, I found that it wasn’t about money, about resources, or about luck.

It all came down to what each person believed.

We’ve seen countless examples of people who made a way out of no way – people who started with nothing and changed their lives.

So I want you to stop waiting for these circumstances to come into your life, because the greatest asset you have is time. Once that’s wasted, you can’t get it back – no matter how much money you have or who your parents are.

The only thing that separates the Gwens from the Sybils are the thoughts they believe about themselves and the actions they take based on those thoughts.

Which one will you decide to be today? Will you decide that only ‘certain people’ get what they want out of life – and you’re not one of them? Or will you decide that you’ll make your dreams come true?

By the way, Gwen got the job on the third try, thanks to Sybil. She wouldn’t let her friend quit and she totally believed in her. Ultimately Gwen started to believe too.

Is it all within your grasp? Do you want it enough to make it come true?

How To Move Forward FAST

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Today’s post is in part a response to my last one – You Are NOT An Entrepreneur.

One theme that I kept seeing in the responses and questions was “I can’t do it because…”

So today I want to give you some tips on how you CAN move forward and start working on your goals, right from where you are. The faster you start, the sooner you’ll get there. But the longer you stay stuck in your own mind and repeating thoughts of what you don’t have… well, it’s going to take you longer to reach the finish line.

What you can you do TODAY to get started? What help do you need from others? Don’t be afraid to ask, even here. You’d be surprised at the resources that already exist for you.