30 Days to Better Habits

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I had a blast with my brother and nephew over the weekend. It was great to be with my family (lawd my brother looks just like my daddy…) and to enjoy my nephew’s youthful energy. But when they left I was tired! He’s beyond the age where I’m literally running around after him, but on Sunday I was wiped out.

I couldn’t understand why I was as tired as I was, so I really sat down and had a conversation with myself about my fatigue. Then it hit me – somewhere along the way, my habits of eating healthy foods, working out and getting adequate sleep have slipped. At first I was pretty upset with myself. I was doing so well and could definitely feel and start to see the fruits of my labor. But then I stopped beating up on myself and decided to implement a strategy that will better help me be successful in changing bad habits.

I’m starting a 30-day trial
It usually takes 21 days of repeating an action before it becomes habitual for you. So I decided to just round up to 30 days as the period of time to repeat the daily habits that I want to become permanent. I’m focusing on:

  • waking up on time
  • eating breakfast
  • following my budget
  • working out
  • cleaning
  • journaling
I will definitely blog on my progress once my 30 days is up on December 21st. Wow, having these amazing habits will be a great birthday present for myself!

Steve Pavlina wrote a great post on doing a 30 day trial to install new habits. Check it out if you’d like to learn more about the process.

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One Response to “30 Days to Better Habits”
  1. Patrenia says:

    Good Luck with your trial! I need to probably join you in reference to #1, #2, #4, #5, #6…oh well, that’s basically the entire list. Let me think about joining you on this trial. I’ll let you know by morning :-).

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