Are You Still Going Hard?

My intention for this week was to video blog every day…yeah um… didn’t quite make it. Here are videos of Day 2 and Day 4. Let me know where you are with your Go Hard goal, and how you’d like to finish out your week. I’m rooting for you and hope you’re rooting for me too!

How is your Go Hard Week going? How is your goal coming along?

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2 Responses to “Are You Still Going Hard?”
  1. I’m still with you girl. I’m also trying to drop a few pounds and have committed to walking everyday…and I have this entire week!

    I’ve also revamped my weekly schedule so I can get more writing done at the beginning of the week so I can spend the end of the week more focused on marketing my business and creating products.

    I’m PROUD OF YOU ANILIA….Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Cindy Mohrbach says:

    Love the site!! I Think you’re fabulous for creating this space to help empower women! Thanks for sharing -you truly do inspire! 😉

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