Beyond The Secret Part III

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This is the 3rd part of my series on the law of attraction. The previous posts can be found here:

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Step 2: The Universe Answers

In the last post, I wrote about the three steps that it takes to manifest a desire:

Step 1 – Ask. You desire something, and your beliefs, feelings and vibration about it communicates to the Universe that you want it.

Step 2 – Answer. The Universe (or God, if you will) responds to your vibration and begins to align the people, resources and things to bring about your desire. You are totally independent of this process.

Step 3 – Receive. You allow your desire to manifest (or become material) in your life.

Keep in mind that the Universe responds to your vibration. So if you’re thinking about something, and you have emotions behind the thoughts, its included in your vibration. Once you’ve thought about something enough that the emotions behind the desire become a dominant part of your vibration, the Universe marshalls resources and the desire will manifest for you. 

The Universe responds immediately. It starts bringing you the people, circumstances and resources to make your desire happen. Sometimes you can see signs of this, and I like to call those signs driftwood. (I can’t even front like I made that up… I didn’t.)

Say, for example, you want to start dating more eligible men than you currently date. You think about the type of guy you want to date, and more importantly how dating this guy will make you feel. That desire becomes activated in your vibration and the Universe begins to pull the pieces together for that manifestation. Then you start to notice that the type of guy you like starts crossing your path more frequently. Now, one of those guys might not be The One, but he’s close. That’s driftwood.

Why Clarity Is So Important

If you read alot about the law of attraction, you’ll see that people are always writing that “you should be crystal clear about your desires”. That can seem like a conflict, in light of the fact that the Universe responds to your emotions, not just the mental picture you have of what you want.

You need clarity in your wanting because when you’re not clear, you don’t get what it is that you really want.

If you just want a guy, you’ll get… a guy. He might have some of the qualities you desire, but he’ll probably have some that you don’t want too.

Clarity also helps you identify the feelings that the Universe will respond to. As another example, say you want a job. If you just visualize yourself going to work every day, you’re not ensuring that you’re happy with the job that you get. But if you picture the interactions between  your coworkers, the type of work you’ll be doing, the amount of money you’ll be earning,  your daily commute – all those details that contribute to your happiness – you vibrate those emotions and its those emotions that the Universe matches up with your manifestation.

Believe That It Is Already Done

Can you think of an entity that’s more powerful than the Universe?

I’ve read a few commentaries from Christians who were opposed to the law of attraction because it is outside of religion or God. I don’t believe that way. When I say ‘the Universe’, that IS God to me. Its all relative and I incorporate this law into my spiritual beliefs. I suggest that you take these principles and examine whether the process of asking for something, waiting for it to show up and having faith that it will manifest is different than what you already do as a Christian.

Once we desire something, if its something that we want badly, we tend to fret and worry about how its going to happen. We even take action when its not divinely inspired, and try to ‘make it happen’. Well if the Universe is making it happen, what can we really contribute? Worrying won’t make it happen any sooner and in fact changes our vibration from a positive to a negative one. This is the main way that we stand in the way of our manifestations.

Just want what you want without worrying about how its going to happen. That’s not your job – that’s the Universe’s job! Your job is to make sure you’re including your desire in your dominant vibration (I’ll write more about that later).

Dare To Dream Big

Lastly, don’t feel that you have to be ‘realistic’ with your desires. If you have no resistance to the desire, it will come to you. It has to! Our society tells us to ‘be realistic’ and ‘stop living in the clouds’. Well, why should we??

What does realistic get you? It gets you a ‘good job’, a mortgage, some kids and a retirement fund that you worry about for 40 years. It doesn’t necessarily get you happiness and bliss. So don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams, and continue to exercise and strengthen  your faith that things will work out in the best way for all involved.

What if Tiger Woods or Serena Williams hadn’t dreamt about being the best in their sports? What if Martin Luther King, Jr. hadn’t dreamt about a day when segregation was over? What if Mahatma Ghandi hadn’t dreamt about a better day in the lives of his countrymen? I’m sure someone along the way told each of these people to ‘get real’. How much better is our world because they didn’t listen?

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2 Responses to “Beyond The Secret Part III”
  1. shasha says:

    you know when i think this is not for me, i find myself on another page or website looking at this and investigating this more and the universe(GOD) is saying to me, Sharon Im talking to you. JUST BELIEVE!!!!!! and I do… I really do…

    • Anilia says:

      If God/the Universe is telling you, can you really argue against that? 🙂

      Just read and investigate it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. There’s so much info out there about the law of attraction, and there’s tons of FREE info that isn’t by a guru or someone that’s trying to tell you something. And of course you’re welcomed to stay tuned here because I’ll be posting more parts to this series.

      Here’s a little story for you: when I went home to Florida in June, my mom asked if I’d heard from a friend that I went to middle school with. I told her no, I hadn’t seen or heard of her since high school (12 years ago). Then another time recently I was talking to Mama on the phone, and she said, “I wish I could talk to Nadia, just to see how she’s doing.”

      Today my mom was at her best friend’s house. She likes to walk her friend’s little dog, and she took the dog out for a walk today. Guess who she runs into in the street? 😉

      Now my mom is not a religious person. She’s spiritual and she prays, she believes in Jesus but does not read the Bible or go to church at all. I played The Secret and she fell asleep on it. She just wasn’t interested. But you can clearly see that her thoughts about Nadia drew Nadia to her, easily and effortlessly. She held the intention in her mind to talk to Nadia, and Nadia appeared, just like that.

      Mama didn’t say to herself, “OMG what happens if I never talk to her?” She didn’t try to ‘make it happen’. She simply held the intention in her mind, focused her thought upon her desire, and had happy emotions behind the thought (memories of when Nadia was with us). Its literally as simple as that.

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