How To Be Ridiculously Extraordinary

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I’m very excited about today’s post!

This is the first interview for Motivated Sista and I truly believe you’ll enjoy it.

One of the blogs in my daily reader is Ridiculously Extraordinary by Karol Gajda. Karol writes about living the travel freedom lifestyle – but overall loving what you do. I’m inspired by Karol because he is passionate about helping others live their own versions of freedom. In fact, his goal is helping 100 people reach (their definition of) freedom.

How inspiring is that!

Can you tell I was nervous? I was worried that I’d pronounce Karol’s name wrong, my voice would crack (I was getting over a sinus infection), or that my computer would freeze and jack everything up. But the important thing was to feel the fear and do it anyway :-).

Highlights from the call:
  • Karol’s inspiration to be a hustler
  • Why freedom isn’t for everyone and how people hold themselves back
  • How the Mind Control Method can help you reach your goals
  • How the law of attraction is a scam
  • Why he gave his work away
  • The mindset to get unstuck

You’ll love this interview if you aspire to a mobile traveling lifestyle (as I do), if you like immersing yourself in different mindsets, or if you’d like to hear the perspective of an online business owner.

Links to Karol:
Karol’s blog, Ridiculously Extraordinary
Karol on Twitter
The American Dream Is Dead (free ebook)
The Mind Control Method

How did this interview inspire you today? Let me know in the comments.

What Do Your Dreams Look Like?

When you close your eyes and look at your dreams, what do you see?

When you think about the future and what you where you want to be, what do you feel?

When you listen to loving voice in your head, that’s guiding you to the person you were born to be, what do you hear?

Do you take the time to listen, to feel, to see what’s before you?

So often, before we dare to dream and to desire something new in our lives, we allow our negative self-talk to talk ourselves out of what we want. You might say things to yourself like:

  • I can’t possibly go back to school, because that costs money.
  • How am I going to afford that trip that I’ve always wanted to take? Might as well not even think about it.
  • I might as well start adopting cats because there’s no good men left.
  • I don’t have enough time to start my own business. I’ll be in this rat race forever.

Whatever YOU tell yourself about yourself, is definitely true.

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Get Out Of Your Own Way

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This is the 4th part of my series on the law of attraction. The previous posts can be found here:

  1. Beyond The Secret Part I
  2. Beyond The Secret Part II
  3. Beyond The Secret Part III

Step 3: Your Desires Become Manifest

In the last post, I wrote about the three steps that it takes to manifest a desire:

Step 1 – Ask. You desire something, and your beliefs, feelings and vibration about it communicates to the Universe that you want it.

Step 2 – Answer. The Universe (or God, if you will) responds to your vibration and begins to align the people, resources and things to bring about your desire. You are totally independent of this process.

Step 3 – Receive. You allow your desire to manifest (or become material) in your life.

This is by far the hardest part of the process. You’d think it’d be easy, right? We just asked the Universe to give us something we really want, and the Universe fulfilled our request. So why aren’t people more successful at manifesting their desires?

Because we don’t know how to get out of our own way and allow our desires to come directly to us.

Your Beliefs Are Tripping You Up

A truth is simply a thought that you think over and over again until you accept it. We’ve all been conditioned to believe certain ‘truths’:

  • anything worth having, you have to work hard for
  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • if something is different, its not ‘normal’ (and therefore you shouldn’t want it)
  • all the ‘good men’ are already taken
  • you have to crawl before you walk, and expect to pay your dues with blood, sweat and tears

Think about it like this: before you were told otherwise, you thought it was perfectly fine to color outside of the lines, right? It was also okay to color things with different colors than in real life, and if you colored in the sun with a blue crayon, and the grass with a red crayon, it was cool because that’s what you wanted to do, right?

But then your first-grade teacher strolled by and looked at your work. “Now, now,” she scolded you, “you have to color inside the lines. If you continue to do it like that, you’re doing it wrong.”

This didn’t really bother you, until you got home and your parents reacted the same way. “This is nice, honey,” they said, “but you should color the grass green and the sun yellow.”

You don’t remember when it happened, but you started coloring carefully inside the lines. You made sure that the colors you chose corresponded to how the objects look in real life. The adults in your life didn’t intend to stifle your creativity and kill your imagination. They just wanted to make sure you knew how to fit into society and acted like everyone else. Like normal.

The problem is, now you’re walking around with all these inherited ideas about how life should go, and your dreams now fit the parameters of those rules. You’re afraid to color your dreams outside the lines, and you’re afraid to paint your dreams in colors that are different than how they look in real life.

Worry Is Holding You Back

Every desire carries with it the exact opposite desire. So for everything that you want, there is a very specific thing that you don’t want. If you want a good job, you don’t want a bad job. If you want a handsome, successful man in your life, you don’t want either an ugly man or a lazy bum. Or even worse, an ugly, lazy bum…

…but I digress.

For the ‘little things’ we desire in life (and the Universe makes no size distinctions like we do; manifesting a cup of coffee is the same process as manifesting a Camry), we don’t think about what we don’t want all that much. But for the things that we strongly desire, we’re terrified inside that we won’t get them.

Its that terror – those negative emotions – and how you’ve been conditioned to view those desires, that block your ability to receive them.

Unless you expect your desire to manifest in your life at any moment, then you’re standing in the way of your manifestation. Why do you have any time constraints on your desire? Why do you feel like certain things should happen first? Why do you doubt that it’ll come to you – because of what happened in other people’s lives, because of what you’ve been told?

Remember, none of this is up to you anyway. Its up to the Universe. Its not an issue of you being worthy or having to earn anything. You were born worthy, and nothing differentiates what you deserve from what anyone else deserves.

The only things standing in your way, are the negative thoughts and emotions rolling between your ears.

So today, choose to believe that the abundance of the Earth is coming your way. Choose to believe that you’re worthy, that you deserve the best out of life, and that the blessings you’ve been asking for are right on your doorstep. Yes, it IS that simple. Try it and see. What have you got to lose?

Beyond The Secret Part III

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This is the 3rd part of my series on the law of attraction. The previous posts can be found here:

  1. Beyond The Secret Part I
  2. Beyond The Secret Part II

Step 2: The Universe Answers

In the last post, I wrote about the three steps that it takes to manifest a desire:

Step 1 – Ask. You desire something, and your beliefs, feelings and vibration about it communicates to the Universe that you want it.

Step 2 – Answer. The Universe (or God, if you will) responds to your vibration and begins to align the people, resources and things to bring about your desire. You are totally independent of this process.

Step 3 – Receive. You allow your desire to manifest (or become material) in your life.

Keep in mind that the Universe responds to your vibration. So if you’re thinking about something, and you have emotions behind the thoughts, its included in your vibration. Once you’ve thought about something enough that the emotions behind the desire become a dominant part of your vibration, the Universe marshalls resources and the desire will manifest for you. 

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Go Way Beyond The Secret

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The phenomenally popular movie The Secret is, without a doubt, a blockbuster hit. It’s also, without a doubt, one of the worst things to happen in the field of metaphysics in recent memory.


It came out a few years ago and almost everyone I’ve mentioned it to has heard of it. I can’t remember when I first saw it, but its definitely one of the things that’s changed my life.


Why I Loved The Secret

When I was growing up, I was taught to go to school, get a good education and get a good job. As I started learning about history (and becoming a history buff in the process), I came across historical figures who hadn’t received a college education but who were wealthy or powerful. I couldn’t figure out what separated those people from someone like me. I also couldn’t figure out why everyone followed the ‘get a good education and get a good job’ formula but no one really had anything to show for it. I’m not blaming my parents and my family, because they did the best they could with what they had. I just wonder how often people really question the general consensus.



So somehow I stumbled upon The Secret and I instantly felt the law of attraction was the truth. Not only that, I felt like something slid in place in my mind – this was the answer to the questions that I’d been looking for. Some of those same historical figures I previously learned about were quoted in the movie. It was like, here’s what they knew that most people don’t know.

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Life Is Just Like Frozen Custard

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This is the best signage ever
On Sunday, I was feenin’ for some Rita’s frozen custard. I had only had Rita’s one other time this year. There was going to be a serious problem if I couldn’t get some Rita’s. I decided to make an afternoon of it and went to the location that’s about 30 minutes away. It was the perfect day for a drive and a cool snack, it wasn’t too hot and the sun was shining. Then I planned to go to Barnes & Noble afterward and do some reading on a project.

I kept imagining how cold and creamy that first taste was gonna be. I couldn’t decide what flavor ice I would get mixed in, and I thought about the other ice flavors I had already tried. I could barely sit still as I was driving, and did a little happy dance at lights because I was beside myself with happiness.

My order of happiness 🙂
When I got there, there was a line. But I wasn’t upset at all. That just gave me more time to make up my mind. Then when I got to the window to order, I sampled some flavors for my next visit. The moment that I had that Gelati in my hand was pure bliss. It looked so beautiful that I almost didn’t want to eat it. Almost… (lol)

But of course I crushed it. And just like with many things, the anticipation was greater than the actual product. That’s life though, you know? You work to get this thing that you want, and then when you get it, you enjoy it for two seconds before you’re on to something else. Kinda like a kid with their Christmas toys. He or she spends all year being naughty or nice, helps their parents decorate the house, all to rip open presents in 20 minutes and forget about their gifts by the next week.

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Take Time For Small Moments

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It seems like the more productive I am, the less sleep I get. I have a tendency that the more things I do, the more my brain is working, solving puzzles and answering questions. It used to be that as the gears turned in my mind, I felt like my mind wouldn’t let me rest and I could almost feel my brain working. But now I’ve become adept at turning off the noise and being able to sleep when I need to.

But during those busy times of brain activity, honestly I don’t want to turn it off. I want it to keep going, I love the feeling of activity and productivity. I thrive off of constructive action, progress and growth. So to feel my mind being busy as its taking place gives me energy, strengthens my resolve and renews my excitement for my goals.

More Than Just Smelling Roses

But its in the quiet moments where all movement has stopped, and I can take a breath and be still and be silent, that I get even more benefit. There is an indescribable feeling of bliss in feeling how small I am and how immense the Universe is, and how I’m just one being in it. Now if my old self had had that same thought, that would’ve freaked me out. But now I understand much better how I fit into the flow of life and how to better utilize my resources to create change. Its in those quiet moments as I’m laying in bed, or writing in my journal, or meditating, that I can feel change moving toward me. I can feel that forward movement, that great things are coming my way, even as I’m being still. And I love feeling the deliciousness of that moment, and that hopeful anticipation of the change to come, while at the same time taking time to appreciate the present and what’s happening right now.

We are sometimes not fully satisfied with our current situations. But I look at it like this: the ‘now’ that I’m currently in, is a manifestation of my previous thoughts and hopes. This ‘now’ is the hopeful anticipation that I was waiting for before. It may not be perfect, but just knowing that my thoughts – whether good or bad – created the things that now surround me. And in each moment, my current thoughts are creating the things I can feel that are moving toward me. I feel immensely grateful in those moments where I stop and relish that realization. Those thoughts make an imperfect now even better. Pretty soon ‘now’ will be just a memory anyway.

So tell me my Motivated CEOs and Boss Ladies, how often do you stop to smell your roses? How often do you appreciate exactly where you are in the current moment? Its helpful to remember that even roses have thorns, yet we can enjoy their fragrance and their beauty regardless of the threat.

Your Best Vision Board Ever

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I just love these things. I won’t stop talking about vision boards. They just make me feel so good!

In this first video, you’ll see how I created my latest one. I blogged about how to create your mission statement for your board in this post. And let me tell you, it was so great to see my great new board when I woke up this morning!

This second video is about things to keep in mind when incorporating your vision board into your law of attraction habits. When I look at other people’s vision videos on Youtube, I always wonder if the mansions, cars and vacation pics that are used really help the person focus on their goals. I also wonder how many people are successful in manifesting those things, because they’re not very targeted to a specific goal (or at least don’t seem to be in my point of view, I could always be wrong). For more on focusing on specific goals, read this post that I wrote a while back.

Take Your Vision Farther

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There’s something to be said for the power of your vision.

We often don’t believe that we can accomplish a goal, because we simply can’t see ourselves doing it. But the visions you have for your future can take you from the realm of wishes to tangible, achievable goals. This is especially important when you have a burning desire that others call impossible to achieve. Call it wishful thinking, call it daydreaming, but whatever you call it, visualizing your goals can be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

From Vision To Reality

I always had a passion for flashin’
Before I had it
I closed my eyes and imagined, the good life
~ Kanye West, Good Life

You may not be a Kanye fan but his lyrics are a great example of my point. In his songs, he talks about how he used to work at The Gap, lived at home with his mom and was so poor that he and his girlfriend had to split the buffet at KFC. Yet he’s one of the most popular (and, admittedly, controversial) artists out today; he’s won 12 Grammy awards and has his own label, which is home to Common, Kid Cudi and John Legend. You may think his rise to fame was largely a product of luck, but I beg to differ. He was on his grind and made things happen for himself, but during those dark, lean days, he held his vision in his mind long enough to get him to each next step.

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The Secret of Autosuggestion

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I write alot here about believing in yourself, moving past fear, improving your self-confidence and having faith. These are all points that I’ve built up over time, and I recognize that they might not come easily to everyone. Want an easy way to increase your faith, have an unshakable belief in the success of your dreams, and attract your desires? Read on about the secret of autosuggestion.



What Is Autosuggestion?

I first learned about autosuggestion from Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. If you haven’t read it, you really should. Like, now (lol). I guarantee it will change your life if you grasp his concepts. My brother gave me this book 12 years ago and I never read it. Sometimes its very true that if you want to hide something, put it in a book. But I never got rid of it, I just packed it up and brought it along every time I moved. Finally, 2 years ago, I dusted it off. To my surprise Hill gave me a blueprint to follow in order to reach my goals. And autosuggestion is one of the powerful yet simple processes that he describes to ensure your success.


Simply put, autosuggestion is repeating a message to yourself, as often as possible, in order to change an old belief or install a new one. What you’re doing is making your subconscious mind take notice of this information and over time it absorbs the information as a belief. You can do this by repeating affirmations to yourself, reading or watching something over and over again, listening to audio with the message recorded on it, etc. What’s crucial to making autosuggestion work is inundating your mind with the message or belief you want to utilize. You can’t just do it one or a few times, you must injest this message at least twice a day for it to become part of your belief system.

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