Happy Valentine’s Day!

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My wish for you today is that you love your life fervently, you’re grateful for every good thing in it and you’re blessed beyond measure.














Appreciate What You Already Have

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This is Part 5 of my Motivation Mojo series:

  1. Ramp Up Your Motivation Mojo
  2. Tune Out Your Negative Mind
  3. Tune Out The Naysayers
  4. Tune Into Your Positive Mind

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting without giving any thought to being grateful. And it’s also easy to overlook the point of showing gratitude in the first place.

I’m not a ‘religious’ person but I definitely believe that gratitude is an integral part of a goal-oriented person’s day. Not only do you give thanks for what you’re going to get, but you appreciate what you already have by stopping to say ‘thank you’.

In that moment of thanks, you connect with God or the Universe (depending on your beliefs) and allow your mindset to shift to one of abundance and bliss. In that moment of thanks, only happiness and bliss exists. How can we not want to experience that, over and over again?

Flip The Way You Look At Things

‎”If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get.” ~ Frank A. Clark

You may be sitting there shaking your head, saying, “That’s all well and good, Anilia. But I have a stack of bills so high they’re falling off the table. I don’t know where the money’s going to come from to pay them. My car’s on it’s last leg, my boss hates me and I haven’t had a date in 3 years.”

If that’s similar to your life, then yeah, you have a lot that’s weighing on you.

But you have a lot to be grateful for.

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Beyond The Secret Part II

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This is the 2nd part of our series on the law of attraction. For Part 1, click here.

As I stated in the last post,the starting point of understanding the law of attraction is knowing what it literally means. The law of attraction is a universal law – meaning that its a law that’s in place and works in the Universe whether you know about it or believe in it.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the law of gravity. When an apple falls off a tree, its going to hit the ground, whether you believe in the law of gravity or not. So it is with the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. Stated another way, “like attracts like”. It’s also stated as “you get what you think about, whether you want it or not.” I could go on and on, but the basic concept is that your thoughts can become things.

The law works in three steps: you ask for something by having thoughts of it; the Universe answers that asking and brings the subject of the thought to you; and then you receive what you’ve asked for. Each step of the process can take up a whole book by itself (and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has written about each individually).

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March Motivation Madness #4

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I know I said this before, but these giveaways were alot of fun. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats again to our winners:

$25 Barnes & Noble giftcard – Delisa

$50 Bath & Body Works giftcard – Sheri

$75 Target giftcard – April

and our final winner is


congrats girlie! I’m excited for you, yayyy! And if you guys haven’t done so already, check out Tiffany’s fabulous blog – HelpYourselfBlog.com.

March Motivation Madness #3

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The winner of my 3rd March Motivation Madness giveaway is —

April M.

Congratulations! I’ve already emailed you, so when you respond with your mailing address I’ll get your $75 Target gift card out to you ASAP.

March Motivation Madness Giveaway #4

The final prize for our March Motivation Madness is a $100 gift card from Amazon.com!! I’m going to do something different for this one. Instead of choosing a winner at random from the subscriber list, here’s how you enter for the last giveaway:

Leave a comment to this post and tell me: Name one thing you’ve done in 2010 to get closer to your goals!

It can be a big goal, like home ownership, getting married, or starting your own business; it can also be a ‘smaller goal’, like improve your eating habits, make new friends or lose 10 pounds.

  • Leave your comment in this post only.
  • Make sure you provide your email address.
  • Contest open to subscribers and Facebook fans only.
  • Only U.S. residents are eligible (sorry to my international Motivated CEOs).
  • Contest ends: Monday, March 29th at 12:00 p.m. EST.
  • Winner will be selected at random from the comments to this entry.

So let me know what you’re working on and you’ll be entered to win. Good luck!!

Quick Note to RSS Subscribers

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To my Motivated CEOs who subscribe via RSS –

I emailed my subscribers about the March Motivation Madness giveaway that’s taking place on March 8. Since I don’t have your email address, shoot me a quick email at Anilia@MotivatedSista.com so I’ll know that you’re participating in the giveaway also. I’m giving away a $25 Barnes & Noble giftcard to help you stay motivated, learn how to be, do or have what it is you’re striving for, and help you take it to the next level.


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TGIF… Gratitude Time!!

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Y’all know what time it is.. While you’re watching the clock and anticipating your weekend, tell me what you’re thankful and grateful for today!

I’m grateful that my brother and nephew are coming to spend the weekend with me! I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family.

TGIF – What Are You Thankful For?

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Fridays are like mini national holidays. I love Fridays and I bet you do too. We always say “thank God its Friday”, so I want to know what you’re thankful for on this Friday.


I’m thankful for:

  • new insights
  • another chance to get it right
  • wonderful family
  • great friends
  • the hope of a restful yet fun weekend
  • “me” time
  • and getting some housework done


How about you, what makes you thankful today?

10 Reasons I Love Being a Black Woman

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10 Reasons I love being a black woman


  1. When I walk into a room of black women, I see so many versions of beauty – different skin tones, body shapes, unique styles and I know that we are each a creature like no other.
  2. I know that no sistah I meet has has the same history, viewpoint or religious belief as I do. There’s always an opportunity for discourse, debate, and learning.
  3. Every time I meet a black woman I hear a stereotype being shattered.
  4. Black women have an outrageous sense of humor. Especially black women over the age of 40.
  5. Most black women have a strong sense of faith, even though we don’t all worship the same God in the same way.
  6. Almost every black woman I meet is a go getter, striving for the improvement of her mind, body, spirit and/or circumstance.
  7. Elder black ladies inspire me to greatness with their encouragement.
  8. Young black women make me proud with their intelligence, curiousity and talent.
  9. There a few things sweeter than a black woman’s smile.
  10. There are few things more resilient than a black woman’s spirit.

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