You Are The CEO of You

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A few weeks ago, I was trying to come up with a phrase to call all the Motivated Sista fans on Facebook. I wanted something catchy, something that made you guys feel good when I posted to the page. I came up with ‘Motivated Moguls’, ‘Motivated Boss Ladies’, and ‘Motivated Movers and Shakers’, but nothing really stood out to me as a good choice. For one thing, there aren’t just ladies who read my blog and are fans on Facebook. For another, I don’t want to call you guys ‘Motivated Sistas and Brothers’ because we’re not just black people.

So I think I’ll just refer to everyone as Motivated CEOs.

Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox
Richard Parsons, chairman of Citigroup and the former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner  
Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo
Daniel Vasella, CEO of Novartis  
You, CEO of You, Inc.

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You’re paying the cost to be the boss
From Wikipedia:

A chief executive officer (CEO) is one of the highest-ranking corporate officers in charge of total management. It is the responsibility of the chief executive officer to align the company, internally and externally, with their strategic vision. The core duty of a CEO is to facilitate business outside of the company while guiding employees and other executive officers towards a central objective. A CEO must have a balance of internal and external initiatives to build a sustainable company.

Doesn’t that sound like you?

Who has more charge over your life than you? It is your responsibility to align your internal and external life with the goals, aspirations, people and activities you envision for your life. Your core duty is to enjoy life – facilitating that enjoyment by making sure that your central objectives are met. And you build your sustainable happiness by balancing your mental, spiritual, emotional (internal) health with your physical and financial health, career and relationships (external initiatives).

All of this authority comes with hard work and numerous responsibilities. But that’s why they pay CEOs the big bucks, right? Your pay is your level of health, happiness and fulfillment. What happens when the CEO is not leading a company like it should? Just like Enron and WorldCom, you fail. Your investers – your friends, family, coworkers, etc. will not be happy, and worst of all, you’ll be out of the best gig you’ll ever have. But you can rebuild your life from the ground up, by creating new dreams, new aspirations and goals, and employing a strong board of directors to advise and support you.

Time for you to preside
So often, people are not aware of the potential power they weild in their own lives. People just walk around as if they’re robots; they give their best efforts to their employers, families, and social groups, not realizing that they owe the best work to their own corporation. Your dreams comprise your corporate vision; your values are your corporate mission; and your goals make up your strategic plan. How much is your corporation’s stock worth? Its time for all of us to get on our jobs.

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3 Responses to “You Are The CEO of You”
  1. CW says:

    Yes, Yes & Yes!

    I was saying on Halima’s board that BW need to forge ahead, taking charge of their own lives…No one else will be supportive of your endeavors like YOU can!

  2. Wanda says:

    I took this to be an sista’s motivation site. I don’t understand what Mr Vasella who is not a woman or black have to do with this?

    • Anilia says:

      they are all minority CEOs. Black women aren’t the only readers of my site 😉 I welcome every to read and be motivated, and get emails from other women besides black women and from men as well.

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