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This is the 4th part of my series on the law of attraction. The previous posts can be found here:

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Step 3: Your Desires Become Manifest

In the last post, I wrote about the three steps that it takes to manifest a desire:

Step 1 – Ask. You desire something, and your beliefs, feelings and vibration about it communicates to the Universe that you want it.

Step 2 – Answer. The Universe (or God, if you will) responds to your vibration and begins to align the people, resources and things to bring about your desire. You are totally independent of this process.

Step 3 – Receive. You allow your desire to manifest (or become material) in your life.

This is by far the hardest part of the process. You’d think it’d be easy, right? We just asked the Universe to give us something we really want, and the Universe fulfilled our request. So why aren’t people more successful at manifesting their desires?

Because we don’t know how to get out of our own way and allow our desires to come directly to us.

Your Beliefs Are Tripping You Up

A truth is simply a thought that you think over and over again until you accept it. We’ve all been conditioned to believe certain ‘truths’:

  • anything worth having, you have to work hard for
  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • if something is different, its not ‘normal’ (and therefore you shouldn’t want it)
  • all the ‘good men’ are already taken
  • you have to crawl before you walk, and expect to pay your dues with blood, sweat and tears

Think about it like this: before you were told otherwise, you thought it was perfectly fine to color outside of the lines, right? It was also okay to color things with different colors than in real life, and if you colored in the sun with a blue crayon, and the grass with a red crayon, it was cool because that’s what you wanted to do, right?

But then your first-grade teacher strolled by and looked at your work. “Now, now,” she scolded you, “you have to color inside the lines. If you continue to do it like that, you’re doing it wrong.”

This didn’t really bother you, until you got home and your parents reacted the same way. “This is nice, honey,” they said, “but you should color the grass green and the sun yellow.”

You don’t remember when it happened, but you started coloring carefully inside the lines. You made sure that the colors you chose corresponded to how the objects look in real life. The adults in your life didn’t intend to stifle your creativity and kill your imagination. They just wanted to make sure you knew how to fit into society and acted like everyone else. Like normal.

The problem is, now you’re walking around with all these inherited ideas about how life should go, and your dreams now fit the parameters of those rules. You’re afraid to color your dreams outside the lines, and you’re afraid to paint your dreams in colors that are different than how they look in real life.

Worry Is Holding You Back

Every desire carries with it the exact opposite desire. So for everything that you want, there is a very specific thing that you don’t want. If you want a good job, you don’t want a bad job. If you want a handsome, successful man in your life, you don’t want either an ugly man or a lazy bum. Or even worse, an ugly, lazy bum…

…but I digress.

For the ‘little things’ we desire in life (and the Universe makes no size distinctions like we do; manifesting a cup of coffee is the same process as manifesting a Camry), we don’t think about what we don’t want all that much. But for the things that we strongly desire, we’re terrified inside that we won’t get them.

Its that terror – those negative emotions – and how you’ve been conditioned to view those desires, that block your ability to receive them.

Unless you expect your desire to manifest in your life at any moment, then you’re standing in the way of your manifestation. Why do you have any time constraints on your desire? Why do you feel like certain things should happen first? Why do you doubt that it’ll come to you – because of what happened in other people’s lives, because of what you’ve been told?

Remember, none of this is up to you anyway. Its up to the Universe. Its not an issue of you being worthy or having to earn anything. You were born worthy, and nothing differentiates what you deserve from what anyone else deserves.

The only things standing in your way, are the negative thoughts and emotions rolling between your ears.

So today, choose to believe that the abundance of the Earth is coming your way. Choose to believe that you’re worthy, that you deserve the best out of life, and that the blessings you’ve been asking for are right on your doorstep. Yes, it IS that simple. Try it and see. What have you got to lose?

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3 Responses to “Get Out Of Your Own Way”
  1. Shaun says:

    Aligning my feelings with my thoughts and fear/worry are the two things that I struggle with on a daily basis. Some may say that this is a drastic route but I have began to listening to subliminal messages to work on changing my subconscious thoughts, while I concentrate on changing my conscious thoughts and mind set. None the less it feels like a constant struggle with myself.

  2. Betty Jean says:

    I was just tweeting about this last night! (Getting out of your own way.)

    I was driving across my home state of Virginia – had plenty of time to reflect. I was thinking about all the businesses I’ve pursued and moves I’ve made around the country. Something “clicked” for me in the past few weeks. Dunno if it had to do with turning 30 or if it was just coincidence. I realized that I wasn’t aiming high enough with my business and career endeavors. Success (as I define it for myself) is just a lot easier than I’ve made it for myself. Everything just seemed so hard… so far away. But I realized that I was actually just too damn busy PLANNING when I should have been taking action! Sure, I might have made some (expensive) mistakes along the way but that’s going to happen no matter how much I plan. As my friend Paddy Jane said in a recent interview with me, “You just have to do, do, do.” That statement really hit me and had a huge impact on me the past few weeks.

    Anyway… Thanks for writing this article about Getting Out of Our Own Way. It is exactly where my heart and mind are today and is some of the best advice a person could possibly take to heart.

    Another great article, Anilia!
    Betty Jean recently posted: 30th Birthday Requests and How You’re Killing Yourself Case Studies Included

  3. Hey Shaun, this thing takes time! If you have always been a really negative person, you would probably have to take a longer time to reach where you want to be. But if you have already noticed yourself being negative, you are better off than more than 75% out there already…. it amazes me at how some people are tooooo negative and stuck in their own minds…. those are the ones that I feel really pitiful for!

    Love, Simon Shaw from
    manifesting abundance
    Simon Shaw at manifesting abundance recently posted: How to Manifest Manifesting Abundance

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