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Beyonce_feat_JayJZ_Q_Upgrade_U00-1After writing yesterday’s post on creating a vision board, I started thinking about the vision board that I’m currently making. I’ve outlined what my goals are and I’ve begun to collect the pictures to accompany them.  


One thing I notice about other people’s vision boards, is the prevalence of material things. Most people include pictures of exclusive homes, luxury cars, designer clothes, exotic vacations and sometimes jewelry. And I don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with that. I just wonder, sometimes, why people choose these things when you can literally attract anything you can possibly desire to you?  


Dream Big

I am definitely a proponent of dreaming as big as you can. Dreams serve as the gasoline that keep our motors running on a daily basis. Life is short and I feel that there is nothing more important than being happy. Alot of people equate the feeling of happiness to having certain things. And again, thats ok too. I just question if deep down, people really want those things, or if its an automatic answer thats been socially ingrained into us. I wonder if people really dig deep enough to determine what makes them happy, every moment of every day?  


Usually the thing that we really want is not the object itself. For example, I have a picture of a 2009 Audi 8 saved in my files, that I will print out and add to my new vision board. While I love this car – I think it is a beautiful machine, and can’t wait to drive mine –  what I really want are the feelings of comfort, luxury and exclusivity that I feel when I visualize myself driving this car. I’m sure that paying an exhorbitant amount for car insurance isn’t going to make me happy, but attaining something that I’ve dreamed about will.  


I think alot of people have problems manifesting their desires while following the law of attraction because of a few reasons: they don’t really believe they will receive the desire (resistance); they don’t want it bad enough (burning desire); or they are not focusing on the true desire. Its easy to cut pictures out of magazines, write affirmation statements and read books, but its harder to change your thoughts to align with your desires and to truly believe that well-being is always flowing to you.  


Making Your Dreams Come True

I think our culture promotes material things as markers of success.  These can be markers of financial success but there are other arenas where one can be successful. In my opinion, to truly be successful, you must strike a balance between the different areas of your life. We’ve all heard stories of business giants who were married 5 times, or spiritual leaders who’ve had financial problems. Its hard to be happy with your perfect mate if you’re worried about keeping the lights on, or be dedicated to your career when you have no one to go home to at the end of a long day.  


One thing that may help you along your journey is evaluating how close your dreams are to who you really are. Your best friend may want a white, two-story house equipped with picket fence, husband, 2.5 kids and a dog. Whereas you may be driven to reach CEO status of a major corporation. She won’t be happy reaching your dream, just as you’ll be miserable in the attainment of hers. Thats why I question the one-size-fits-all markers of financial success that alot of people cling to. Whats different about me, though, is that I don’t believe that money is the root of all evil and I don’t have a negative viewpoint on material possessions as goals. I just want you to really understand what you’re asking for, how it will fit into your life, and if that possession will truly make you happy.  


There’s nothing worse than achieving a goal, only to realize that it didn’t make you happy.  


On the flip side of that, I believe that one of the reasons that we live is to experience the journey of life. So you should enjoy the manifestation of that mansion on your vision board, just as much as you enjoy turning your new keys in the lock for the first time. If its solely about the thing, then what happens when you get it? You should ask yourself these questions as well.  


Lastly, another pitfall of material possessions as markers of success is the emptiness that can come after their attainment. Once you have the house, the car, the vacation, what next? What will you dream about after that? If you choose goals that are true to you, your dreams will grow and change along with you. So for me, once I manifest my Audi, my luxury home and my wonderful husband, my next dreams will be based on our shared goals and other personal goals, such as writing my first book, expansions of my online business, etc.  


You can be, do or have anything and everything you want. What are the goals, dreams and aspirations that you’re working toward?

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