10 Reasons I Love Being a Black Woman

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10 Reasons I love being a black woman


  1. When I walk into a room of black women, I see so many versions of beauty – different skin tones, body shapes, unique styles and I know that we are each a creature like no other.
  2. I know that no sistah I meet has has the same history, viewpoint or religious belief as I do. There’s always an opportunity for discourse, debate, and learning.
  3. Every time I meet a black woman I hear a stereotype being shattered.
  4. Black women have an outrageous sense of humor. Especially black women over the age of 40.
  5. Most black women have a strong sense of faith, even though we don’t all worship the same God in the same way.
  6. Almost every black woman I meet is a go getter, striving for the improvement of her mind, body, spirit and/or circumstance.
  7. Elder black ladies inspire me to greatness with their encouragement.
  8. Young black women make me proud with their intelligence, curiousity and talent.
  9. There a few things sweeter than a black woman’s smile.
  10. There are few things more resilient than a black woman’s spirit.

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