Motivated Sista Playlist: 10 Songs To Help You Stay Focused

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Last week I read Rosetta’s playlist over at Happy Black Woman and was inspired to share my playlist with you.

My first reaction to her list was “gee, if I post mine it would be full of ratchetness”. While it’s true that some of the music I listen to is ignorant and some other negative adjectives, it’s honestly what gets me going. Alot of popular music is filled with materialism, focusing on the wrong things, and woe-is-me-he-done-me-wrong messages that I do NOT subscribe to. I’ve stated before that the mind is like a sponge and you have to be careful about the messages you absorb over and over again.

That being said – here’s my list. Can’t say I didn’t warn you about the ratchet factor, but they’re not ALL bad.

Total Praise – Richard Smallwood

I listen to this song every morning after I’ve cleared my mind and before I meditate.

Mary Mary – Get Up

Talk about some awesome lyrics!! “What are you afraid of? Don’t you know what you’re made of…” When I first heard this song, I listened to it all the time. It’s an affirming, uplifting, feel good kind of song.

Goapele – Closer

This song is a mandatory addition to any playlist about motivation. I used it as the soundtrack to my first mind movie, and the lyrics just really inspire me to keep pushing.

Nicki Minaj – Moment 4 Life

 Hate her or love her – this girl is doing her thing. It’s a great reminder of where I’ve come from, where I am and where I’m going.

Beyonce – Upgrade U

One of the hardest working women in the music industry, yet she comes across as humble and down to earth. And I’m constantly upgrading my mindset, so this song is perfect for me.

Jill Scott – Golden

no matter what’s going on in my life, I live it like it’s golden. Because what you focus on expands, so I focus on the good and expect more goodness to come my way.

Kayne West – Stronger

What I like about this song is that Kanye talks about the power of now – “I know I got to be right now/cause I can’t wait much longer”. Yeah he’s talking about some other stuff too, but that part of they lyrics plus the beat really get me pumped.

Rick Ross – Push It

What’s your limit? How far will you allow yourself to go? This song is great for motivating you to keep going.

Rick Ross – The Boss

(clean version but explicit video… plus Rick Ross has his shirt off, who wants to see that?!)

My goal is to be The Boss…

Lil Wayne – Money On My Mind (clean version)

message here – let’s get it! Whether that’s money, success, whatever your biggest dream is.

What songs are on your motivational playlist?

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4 Responses to “Motivated Sista Playlist: 10 Songs To Help You Stay Focused”
  1. MJ says:

    Nice List, I will have to check these songs out. For my playlist, they are not all as one playlist, but I will create a motivational playlist. Great Idea!! Some of the songs that keep me motivated are: Ledisi – Raise Up, Yolanda Adams – It’s Gon Be Nice, Aint No Stopping Us Now – McFadden and Whitehead, Brian Lenair who is a local Jazz artist in the Maryland area – His entire Inspirational Gospel CD is awesome, Whitney Houston – I’m Every Woman, Beyonce – Run the World, James Fortune – I Trust You, and Fantasia – Believe. They all keep me inspired to continue toward my goal, by trusting in God, knowing who I am and that I have what it takes to be my own Boss as I strive to make a contribution to others, believing in myself, and believing in the possibilities, that are on the way to becoming reality.

  2. Jared says:

    I really appreciate this great list..Thanks for sharing with us..
    Jared recently posted: Public Relations Devon

  3. Gee James says:

    How did Rick Ross’ “Ima Hustler” not make it? lol
    Gee James recently posted: Art Beats and Lyrics + My One Suggestion